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Frappe V. Milkshake!!

The Hippo Press (
August 17, 2006

"Frappe Vs. Milkshake"
Yes, there is a difference

Written by Susan Reilly

One hot night recently, an employee of Goldenrod in Manchester spent an inordinate amount of time explaining the difference between a milkshake and a frappe to a puzzled patron.

Clearly not from around here, probably not from New England in fact, this lost soul insisted that a milkshake is what we lovingly call a frappe. She was determined to win — because there is a big price difference between the two.

“Well, can I have ice cream in the milkshake?” asked the customer.

“Yes, but then that is a frappe,” replied the employee. In the end the customer ordered a frappe, because she wanted no part of milk whipped with syrup.

“It happens all the time,” said Ron Diburro, the manager of Goldenrod. “A frappe really is a New Hampshire thing and visitors have a tough time with it.”

Webster’s defines a milkshake as a “a thoroughly shaken or blended drink made of milk, flavoring syrup and often ice cream.”

A frappe, defines Webster, is a “a thick milk shake.”

This is where the confusion begins. Depending on where you are, a frappe and a milkshake are two different drinks, one in the same or one or the other may not even exist in the local vocabulary at all.

Frozen drinks — such a frappes and now the trendy smoothie — have a following entirely all their own.

While summer is ice cream season, not everyone want s to furiously lick a cone trying to out run the inevitable melt that will run down to your elbow. Some of us want to patiently sip our ice cream, whipped frothy, neatly thru a thick straw.

So what is the deal with the whole frappe-milkshake thing? In most parts of the country, if you order a milkshake (you won’t see a frappe on the menu) you will get what we consider to be a frappe.

Here, if you order a milkshake, you will get a drink made of milk and a flavored syrup whipped in a blender and typically available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

A frappe is a drink made with ice cream, whipped in the same blender and can be made in any flavor of ice cream that is available.

All of this debate may be moot anyways, as the smoothie — frappes sometimes healthier cousin — takes center stage. With a smoothie, though, anything goes. And don’t be fooled by slick marketing touting the health benefits of berries and yogurt and such— some smoothies are so full of fat and sugar you might as well enjoy that frappe you really wanted in the first place.

Frappe Shoot
Where to get a cool frappe: we realize this is not a complete list, but a sample of what is out there.

245 Hooksett Rd
Manchester, NH (603)623-3182
Frappe ($3.25) extra thick frappe ($3.95)
Interesting flavors: look for baklava, orange-pineapple and ginger.

1681 Candia Rd
Manchester, NH (603)623-9469
Frappes ($2.55) popular flavors include bubblegum, strawberry cheesecake and White Russian.

Arnie’s Place
164 Loudon Road,
Concord, NH (603)228-3225
Thick shakes ($2.70-$3.10)
Classics in Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Peanut Butter

Blakes Ice Cream
353 South Main Street, or 1500 South Willow St, or 222 Elm St, or 53 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH
Frappes ($3.51-$4.49) Flavors include: brownie dough, Kahlua chip, chocolate cake batter, pumpkin and lemon meringue pie.

Cremeland Drive-In
250 Valley Street
Manchester, NH (603)669-4430
Frappes ($3.46) Twenty flavors to choose from, including ice cream, sherbert and yogurt.

Hayward’s Ice Cream Stand
7 Daniel Webster Highway
Nashua, NH (603)888-4663
Frappe in regular or extra thick ($3.35-$4.85) Flavors include: banana fudge, carmel praline and cherry vanilla. Also check out the selection of no sugar added and low carb ice creams.

Brick House Drive-In
1387 Hooksett Road
Hooksett, NH (603)622-8091
Frappes ($2.65-$3.30) most popular flavor: Peanut butter Iditeroad, Maine Black Bear and Almond Joy

Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Sweet Shoppe
135 Route 101A
Amherst, NH (603)594-2424
Flavors include: birthday cake, carmel latte, Mexican chocolate, green tea, blueberry cheesecake and carrot cake.

Summer Freeze
74 Fisherville Rd
Concord, NH (603)228-0579
Frappes ($2.97-$3.51) in Cake – batter and cotton candy aqnd all of the classics.

Johnson’s Highland View Farm
101 Range Rd
Windham, NH (603) 898-3831
Frappe ($4.10) Over 25flavors, look for cherry vanilla, German chocolate cake and apple crisp.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Milkshake... milk with flavoring

Frappe.... milk, flavoring AND ice cream

Unfortunately, areas OUTSIDE of New England make milkshakes WITH ice cream but call it a milkshake like those living in the MidWest!


Frappe... has ice cream
Milkshake... does NOT (necessary) have ice cream

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